Does Father Christmas use pallets?

Christmas palletsYou would think that Christmas and pallets have very little in common. Well, to be honest, you’d be wrong…

For one thing pallets are absolutely vital in the transportation of all the products and food required for the festive period so we can have a jolly Christmas. None of the shops and internet warehouses across the UK – and indeed the world – would be sufficiently stocked if it wasn’t for the pallet working hard in the build-up to Christmas and through to the New Year sales.

Also, we can’t imagine that Father Christmas copes with his massive logistical nightmare on Christmas Eve without the humble pallet. How are the elves going to get all those presents on Santa’s sleigh without a forklift and pallets?

A rather more unexpected use for the pallet at Christmas is as a form of decoration.Forget your tinsel, stars and mistletoe, there is a whole community out there making amazing Christmas decorations by recycling pallets.

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